A gem

Sunday morning mini workshop with Gulnaz. A small group of us went to Gulnaz’s yoga studio today. Her space is lovely. She’s almost finished with it, just a few touches here and there. Gulnaz first started by saying that we are so lucky to have Geeta teaching us this month. Yesterday when Geeta taught she was on fire, full of energy. Gulnaz said that it was so beautiful for even her to see. From what I understand Geeta has been in semi retirement, and will be in full retirement very soon. There were many times I wavered in my decision about going alone especially my first time to RIMYI. You hear all the stories, and its always nice to have someone guide you through the process. I’m really glad that I didn’t allow fear to keep me from having this experience.

Okay, back to Gulnaz. She opened the floor to any questions we may have about the teachings at the institute so far, and then we practiced a standing pose sequence, revisiting poses we had done this week. She guided each one of us individually. She joyfully laughs…”Okay, I will come hit you and then you will understand”. Her hit is not at all a hit of anger or meanness, but rather a wake up call bringing intelligence to a stagnate area of your physical body/mind. Then she moves the body correctly, which the body then responds to as now it understands. The resulting response is freedom in body and mind. Gulnaz is a gem! A very talented teacher.

Mango Lassi…Mmm



4 thoughts on “A gem

  1. Sound like you are having a wonderful time. Can’t wait for all the new poses we are going to learn😳 and hear about your friend Petra from Germany I am looking so forward to you blog every night. Keep it up please it is so interesting have a great week. Miss you a lot

  2. Debbie, sounds like your trip has been more than an adventure in more ways than one. Have a safe trip back to Boerne, Texas. Hope to see you soon.

  3. Lovely-very special to be able to take Geeta’s classes and then a private class with Gulnaz. Have you had a tali lunch yet?
    Love, Esta

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