Straight Through

Geetaji taught the women’s class today. I swear she can see straight through you! This is the second time I have experienced Geeta’s teaching. Both times, people have been called upon to “take the pose”. She is amazing at bringing more clarity, freedom, and life into everyone (not just into their asana). She begins with the physical level (Annamaya Kosha) and penetrates straight through into the intellectual body (Vijnanamaya Kosh). She does it in a frank and honest way. In the end you can see her compassion and her kindness. I’m looking forward to her pranayama class Friday evening.

It’s just coming up on monsoon season here. The rains start between 4 – 6pm every evening and last throughout the night. It’s nice because it cools things off. I’ve met a lot of good people from all over the world. And yes, I have been doing my share of shopping. If anyone from the Bangalore trip is reading this…Something heavy is coming home in my backpack. Here we go again.

This is my cook and friend, Monesha. My friend from Germany, Petra is joining me for lunch today. Monesha is making rice, dahl, vege dish, and chapati.



9 thoughts on “Straight Through

  1. Ask you friend Petra where she is from in Germany. It sounds like you are having a wonderful time and experience. Can’t wait to see what you are bringing back in your backpack😀

  2. Lovely-glad you are enjoying the classes, meeting nice people, having a good lunch and shopping. In the park to the right of the institute you can sometimes see big silver monkeys. In the evenings do you see the HUGE fruit bats?

    • I saw some monkeys driving in to Pune. But not in the park yet. I’ll keep my eye out for them, thanks for letting me know. Yes, did see the HUGE fruit bats!

  3. I can’t wait to go to class with you when you get back…..the new stuff that will ooze out of you sounds delicious! Thanks for expanding and leading the way for us!
    xo, Jules

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