No Props

Saturday morning women’s class with Geetaji. Geeta was full of energy today, she wiped me out! It was the conclusion of a week of standing poses. And, did we do standing poses! Also without the use of props. “No props today. You always go for the props to be comfortable. Unless you have some medical, and /or aged need, otherwise you just use them to be comfortable”. The class was fun, energizing, and a lot of hard work. I must have lost 5 pounds after that one.

On Sundays there are no scheduled yoga classes at the institute for us, it’s a day off. However, I’ve been invited to a home workshop with Gulnaz (teacher at the institute). More yoga for me.

Here’s a few pictures of our afternoon outing.

Dear Esta, This one is for you! Nana!


Nana, our rickshaw driver took us here to buy pune shorts. This is the workshop in back of their home, where they make the batik design materials.



Me and Petra (my friend from Germany)



4 thoughts on “No Props

  1. What a fabulous adventure! So happy for you, and thanks so much for sharing! So, now, are you really gonna wear the puna shorts, eh? And, is what you are bringing in your backpack gifties for all your beloved students? Hahaha! Have a blast…you so deserve it! Can’t wait for your return and for all the new additions to practice! Love ya! Karen K.

  2. Dear Debbie,
    It sounds and looks like you are having a wonderful time and learning a lot-Great. Thank you for sharing your adventure and for the picture of you and Nana it brings an inner and outer smile from my heart. Enjoy!

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